ASL Signing Children teaching Signing Smart Classes in R.I.


Would you like to know what your baby is thinking before he/she can speak?
If your answer is YES!
Then please come and play with us!
My R.I.Signing Smart Sign Language Classes for hearing children provides you with the skills to ease your child's frustration and enhance their communication!

The Rhode Island Signing Smart Program is an early childhood development program based on the cognitive and linguistic development of a child's first few years of life. It is designed to foster intimacy communication and learning between parents and children.It is the interaction between parent and child that is at the heart of the program!

ASL Signing Children of R.I. teaches parents and caregivers family friendly American Sign Language signs,along with simple strategies that will allow you to integrate signing into your daily interactions with little or no additional effort. We also educate parents on how to recognize your child's versions of signs, making communication between child and parent successful from the very start. ASL Signing Children is an enhancement to spoken language. Adding signs to verbal communication assists children in developing verbal skills by giving them experience with successful interactions very early in life!

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Lori Halloran
3 Center Street
Certified Master Teacher



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